söndag 16 januari 2011

Boxman Revolution

Boxman R is a new style of the classic game Boxman (also known as Sokoban and Pushbox), in which the goal is to push boxes to specific locations. In this version you will find items to help you help out when you're stuck.

There are four items to be used wisely in order to clear each of the levels:

* Hammer - Destroys an obstacle
* Apple - Pushes an obstacle
* Glove - Pulls an obstacle/box
* Bird - Jumps over an obstacle/box

With the built-in level editor it is easy to create your own levels and challenge friends and the world. There is also the possibility to leave comments and rate the levels.

20 levels are included in the free version just like the paid version. But you can always buy it to show some support.

Supports touchscreen and Trackball/D-pad controls.
To move around, simply swipe anywhere on the. Double tap will switch to the next item.

The touch sensitivity can be changed in-game by pressing menu - Touch Sensitivity. For larger screens, a lower number is recommended, and vice verse.

A few screenshots:

Home screen - One of the levels

Level Editor - Uploading a level

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