söndag 13 februari 2011

First Errors!

Uploaded version 1.51 today where a fixed a bug, but also created one. Forgot to change the package name when I exported the Lite version so the game simply crashes when you open it :(! No wonder why so many people uninstalled the game today =[.. then I saw that there are error reports! Thank guys for reporting! So bad of me not to try the game after publishing it, but it's fixed now. Luckyli no one gave bad ratings :x

fredag 11 februari 2011

Version 1.50 - Commentate!

Noticed that version 1.42 has the buttons Post/View comments somewhere. They aren't supposed to be there because I had not made the commenting feature yet. Instead of removning them I implemented the feature today. 

Just finished uploadeding 1.50, so get it now and post comments to your favourite levels!

torsdag 10 februari 2011

Version 1.42

After playing level 11 again I discovered that it's possible to clear it not the way I expected it to be cleared. So there were too many items (one bird too much, which is removed now).

I just saw that the full version has been purchased (twice!), although the Lite version is full >:o which is strange but good =D. The full version was still the old 1.1 because I thought no one would purchase it anyway so I didn't care to update it. But now it's updated.

Should be a commenting feature soon, so check back for updates!

onsdag 9 februari 2011

More Levels!

Wow, today when I woke up I wanted to check the download count of my uploaded levels but saw that there are many other levels! The level called 6-"impossible" was just lol, couldn't stop laughing when I saw it. It was pretty easy tho, but was really hard to find the star! I also tried 7-"boom!" and 9-"learn how to play".

The other ones 4-"The uggly cross", 5-"laby" and 8-"noname" looked harder so I'll try them later, probably tonight.

When there are more levels, or when I'm not lazy, I'll make it possible to post comments.

Btw has anyone finished the game yet? I received a comment in the Market that it's hard. I thought the levels I made are easy because I'm so bad at making levels.. but I've heard many ppl got stuck on the second level already :x Maybe I need to make a few easier levels before level 2?

Thanks "Me" for uploading so many levels!

måndag 7 februari 2011

New Levels

Another 1000downloads the passed week! Woho..
Some people have even download the new levels I've uploaded.

ID 1 - Just played this level and and noticed you can finish it with one bird less so I've removed one bird and reuploaded this level.

ID 2 - Stole this level from a secret place. VERY HARD! 
ID 3 - Just made this level when taking a bath lol. Not very hard.
Will add more features if more people play this game. Working with another puzzle game right now.