fredag 6 januari 2012

Back with updates!


Today I played around with Admod to see how it works, and yes it's implemented on the lite version >:)

Aldo did some minor changes:
* Fixed the Main Menu so it's easier to click
* Added popup in level 1-5 to help lazy players who don't read "How To Read"
* Some optimization
* Fixed so the game is centered on tablets

Also, a while ago I added some analytics tracking to the game. I'm glad to see there are still people playing this game. Some people have even reached level 19, but I haven't seen anyone play level 20 yet.

Yesterday, I received an intresting email from a Korean company Ubinuru:

I am writing on behalf of Ubinuri, Inc., a distributor of Android-based mobile applications through local app stores including our own app store in Korea. I am writing to express our interest in selling your application, "Boxman Revolution", in our channels.

In addition, we would give your revenue of application sales in advance as a token of our partnership.
It means that we’ll deposit some prepayment for your application, to your company to support your implementation of the adaptation of the application to be published in local app stores.

Sounds intresting doesn't it?

To be continued ...

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